Monday, March 26, 2007

Should Cancer Stop You In Your Tracks?

It was recently reported that John Edwards' wife's breast cancer has returned to her bones. A press conference was held to discuss this finding and to let the public know that he would be continuing his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination for 2008. I saw portions of an interview the couple did with Katie Couric this morning. Although faced with a terrible diagnosis, Elizabeth Edwards seems confident and strong. The couples' love for each other shines through. It must be difficult to have to be so public about this.

Although I've been conservative most of my life, I have grown much more moderate over the past few years. I have no political opinion about John Edwards as a potential candidate. I'm not following any of the 2008 presidential news right now anyway. It's just too early in the process for me. Still, this story has caught my interest. Not as a voter, but as a wife.

Were I in her shoes, I am not certain that I would be happy with my husband's decision to move forward with a run for political office that might keep him away from me when I need him the most. Is it selfish to hold a spouse back from pursuing a dream under those circumstances? Or, is it better to face cancer with a fight and continue to live as if it weren't there?

I would be interested in your opinions. This is not an easy situation.


Trista said...

I think that I would *selfishly* expect my husband to give up the political campaign given the situation. I really think I would do the same in the reverse situation.

What a tough decision, though.

the quists said...

That is really a tough question... I am sure her husband has worked very long and hard to get where he is now, and I am sure he is excited and passionate about it (I admit, I am assuming this, because I don't ever watch the news, so I don't even know what he looks like) (That is kind of embarrasing to admit!) Anyway, I think it would be hard to expect him to give all of that up when you know it is what really drives him and what he really wants. I would think she wants to encourage him to pursue his dreams...and at the same time she's wishing he would CHOOSE to give that up to support her.

the quists said...
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the quists said...

The deleted one was me too...I accidentally posted the same one twice :)

Jennifer said...

You're right about that. I can very easily see the "don't worry about me, honey" scenario taking place. Sometimes we get ourselves into trouble when we sell ourselves out and hope and wait for the men in our lives to read our minds.