Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Onward Ho!

I’ve been thinking pretty seriously about discontinuing blogging recently. I can say that I write for myself all that I want, but if that were true, I could keep an anonymous diary somewhere in cyberspace or using the traditional writing medium of paper. The truth is that I enjoy getting comments. It’s nice to know that there are other people out there who took the time to read what I have been writing.

I have some loyal and wonderful readers out there. I love and appreciate every single one of you! Truly I do. Still, what am I supposed to think when my own dearly beloved family of origin doesn’t read my blogs? I know that they love me, but it’s still very telling. What I have to say is either of no interest or too morose. It has to be easier to be far away when you don’t know too much about your daughter/sister’s pain. If I were writing in that paper diary in the sky, I wouldn’t have to think about those things.

Joining MyBlogLog was my last effort to scientifically (ha!) determine if keeping up with my blogs is worth it. There have been some interesting things that I have discovered. A Google search on “Allison is watching,” “canine orajel,” or “criss cross bears” will return a link to Our Shady Tree on the first page. Okay, the search on “Allison is watching” is a little disturbing. Who searched on that? Why? Still, what random ways to find your way to my blog?

Today, MyBlogLog has really paid off. I checked my stats from yesterday and discovered something I find wonderful. Another blogger, Crazyzim, found 52 Books or Bust and has decided to embark on that journey for herself. In reading the comments on her post about it, I discovered that she was “SO excited” to find my blog because it gives her ideas for books to read.

Crazyzim didn’t leave a comment. That’s okay. I’m just thankful that I was able to find out that she had been there. It’s breathed new life in me for blogging. I may never get to a place where there are more than four comments on a single post. I won’t know without some perseverance.

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