Friday, March 9, 2007

The Joshua Tree ~ Almost Legal

20 years ago today, the most influential work of art entered my life. The Joshua Tree was released. It won't be long until people who have reached majority in this country will have been born after this album was released. It's hard to believe.

In those 20 years, this album has inspired me in countless ways, it has helped me grieve a lost friend and a lost uncle, it's calmed me in more nerve wracking experiences than I care to remember, and, most recently, it's helped me reconnect with myself while suffering from post-partum depression. Who knew then that I would still be listening to it more than any other album I've ever owned? I look forward to the other places this album will travel with me.

Over the years, my favorite songs have changed from one to the next. At one point or another, I've probably listened to all of them on repeat. I bought this album for "With or Without You." "Trip Through Your Wires" became a fast favorite. If I had to pin myself down to just one, I would pick "Red Hill Mining Town." I can't explain why. It just speakes so beautifully to me.

Over the past year or so, while watching Miami Ink, I've thought about what tattoo I would pick if I were to get one myself. It took me some time to pick an image, but "the" Joshua Tree from the back cover art is what I would choose, with the mountains in the background. While working my way through therapy, I've thought of my time with PPD as my time in the desert. If I've learned anything it's that even while you are in the desert, there is beauty all around if you open your eyes. This picture represents that beauty to me. I can't say that I'll ever get a tattoo, but if I do, this will be it. I can picture myself in Miami right now with Kat Von D as my tatoo artist. I'll be listening to The Joshua Tree and I'll be thinking of all the beauty I've experienced in my life.

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