Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Begin the Begin

This first post of The Jennifer Tree is lovingly dedicated to my good blogger girlfriend, DD. She has been a source of support for a while now and helped me come up with this blog's title. As soon as she lets me know her favorite type of candy bar, it will be in the mail. Thanks, DD!

After careful thought and consideration, I have named my new blog: The Jennifer Tree. It's a combination of me, Our Shady Tree (my family), and the most influential album of my life. To me, this name signifies the joy that I already have in my life, the peace and happiness I've been fighting for and the hope that someday this will all make sense.

As it did from the very beginning, The Joshua Tree calms me, soothes my sorrows and fears, and makes me happy to be a part of the human race. Whether or not I'm kin to a monkey I'll let others debate. Knowing that what I experience when I listen to this album affirms my faith in God. No other creature has the gift of transending reality through art. It speaks to me in ways I cannot put into words. I will be forever greatful for the gifts of melody of The Edge's guitar and Bono's voice and lyrics.

Our Shady Tree was intended as a way to keep my scattered loved ones in touch with my children. What it became was a voice for the struggles I have encountered. Both of those ideas are important. I just feel the need to keep them separate. Just as I am more than a wife and mother, my family is much greater than my depression and anxiety. Who I am and what I feel will always be connected to my family and vice versa. Separating them here allows me to focus on one or the other and gives my readers a much clearer idea of what they might find. We'll see what happens. When you stop experimenting with life, you've put one foot in the grave (or urn for all of you cremating types).


DD said...

Let us toast to the beginning of a beautiful relationship between your heart and soul.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much! Hopefully I'll get some work done over the weekend.